1) What are the mandatory documents I need to provide?

  • Copy of sanction plan
  • Property card
  • Area statement of existing members
  • Conveyance deeds
2) What if I don't have a property card?

You can apply for the property card at the City Survey Office at Shukruwar Peth, Pune.

3) What if I don't have a sanctioned plan or misplaced it?

You can approach the Municipal Corporation Office

4) What if there is a difference between the demarcation area and
     the area on property card?

The lesser of the two areas would be considered however you can get in touch with the City Survey Officer and apply for correction.

5) What if the building is not within city limits? Is redevelopment possible?

As per current rules, TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) is not possible.

6) What if the share certificate gets misplaced?

Submit an affidavit to the society which will follow the legal procedure to issue  you a duplicate certificate.

7) What if my old flat agreement is lost?

It can be obtained from the city's concerned sub-registrar office.

8) What if the society hasn't conducted any meeting since its formation?

Meetings are important since a unanimous decision is crucial for the benefit of the society.

Meetings should be conducted every now and then where issues, plans can be discussed.

9) What if me or any resident of the society has bought the apartment on loan?

One can terminate the existing loan and obtain a fresh loan from any other bank or obtain an NOC from the current bank before execution of the Development Agreement.